Lahore Lahore aye

Have we ever wondered that Why Lahore is called Lahore Lahore aye?

Other than beautiful places Lahore is famous for its traditional food. “Food Street Lahore” Lahoris are fond of eating. therefore, the delicious food that is available in Lahore is not found in any part of the country and this is what makes Lahore different from other cities of Pakistan. Although all Pakistanis are food lover but it is not wrong to say that none enjoys food better than Lahoris and it can be called as heaven for food lover as one can find all varieties of food restaurant.

Lahore Food Seri Fain                                                      Nihari Lahore Food

Food Street Lahore

History of Food Street had begun in 1950 when people migrated from India to Pakistan. Because of limited opportunities of jobs. They started setting up small shops in front of their houses along with food stalls. Gawalmandi was the first food street of Lahore.

Food Street Lahore

Food Street Lahore


Attractive and unique food streets of Lahore remain open 24/7. Fort road, Gawalmandi and Anarkali are famous food streets of Lahore. These food streets are always occupied by food lover. Lahoris are live hearted and hospitable therefore people should visit and try these tasty foods.

Some of the famous dishes of Lahore are: Lahori charga, Lahore payya, Golgappy, Fish, Halwa poori, Kheer, Tawa chicken, Nankhatai and Naihari. as sun set in Lahore delicious aroma of tasty chicken karahi, chicken tikka pokaoras, mutton karahi, fish, korma brighten up the atmosphere of Lahore  food streets. One of the specialty of these food streets are surrounding historical places: Shahi Qila, Badshai mosque and Minar  e Pakistan. People can make their experience memorable by visiting these places and then having delicious tasty food. Tourists come here to eat different foods and stay here late night.

Those who have not been to Lahore must visit to explore taste and Lahore beauty and in order to enjoy the best food available in Lahore Download your Mobile App and book a car on pkrac  and visit the famous food street of Lahore.

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