Lahore the shopping hub

Lahore the shopping hub and heart of Pakistan is about 2000 years old. It is on 14th number with respect to its popularity. The thing which makes Lahore as a famous city is its historical places and shopping. Lahoris are shopaholic and it can be clearly seen in busy bazaar and also in modern shopping malls of Lahore.

shopping in Lahore

Shopping in Lahore

The Mall of Lahore

The mall road shopping Lahore

The Mall of Lahore: It is one of the popular mall where most of international brands are present. Local brands such as Nishat, Khaddi etc. are also present








Fortress square: It is one of the most popular malls of the Lahore which is famous for both international and national brands. More than 100 stores along with cinema and food court are present

Hyper star: It is one of a largest shopping mall in Lahore where under one roof person can find thousands of different products such as grocery, household items, clothing, home appliances, cosmetics etc.

Anarkali: It is one of the oldest and historical bazaar (more than 200 years) people from all classes do shopping here. It is spacious and have almost everything. It is very interesting for the tourist to visit this bazaar once. Place for car parking is a great challenge. Old building (more than 100 years old) and busy streets makes Anarkali bazaar as a heart of Lahore.

Emporium and packages mall: Both of these malls have been developed on international standards. They offer more than 200 brands. Other than shopping it has multiplex cinema, food court, banquet halls and children play area. It is not wrong if one say that from fashion to food it covers everything.

Gulberg galleria: It is three storey shopping arcade located in the mid of Lahore and offering top designer brands. It is also famous for fine dining restaurants and coffee outlets.

Pace: It is also one of the famous shopping mall in Lahore where one can find large varieties of affordable body wears.

Al Fateh mall: This is one of the most famous mall in Lahore. People from far and wide go to this mall for shopping as wide range of products are available here.

Vogue towers: Situated in MM Alam road and famous for different brands (Moda in Pelle, Fashion Avenue and many more) cinema, coffee planet and wide variety of accessories.

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